With the exponential rise of transactions going digital, the number of email receipts has also increased.

With Fyle Lite, you can fyle and track your email receipts from Ola, Uber, IRCTC etc. with the Gmail plugin or the Outlook plugin (Web Client).

The plugin is developed to automatically extract the expense amount, merchant name, category and other information ensuring that you don't type anything. 

To track your email receipts:

  1. Download the Gmail or Outlook plugin
  2. Open an e-receipt on your email
  3. The AI-powered plugin automatically extracts the expense amount
  4. Click on 'Fyle It'
  5. The expense is now fyled to your account
  6. Bills get attached automatically

Below is a quick look at how our Gmail plugin works:

Note that the email should be an e-receipt sent by a merchant containing the corresponding email content.

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