With Fyle Lite, you can create and track your mileage expenses on-the-go!

Mileage expense tracking contains Google-powered location API's which means, you simply have to enter the From and To location travelled and watch as Fyle calculates the distance and amount of the expense for you.

To create a new mileage expense:

  1. Set the mileage rate in your Fyle Account.
  2. Click the Add Expense button on the dashboard or the Add Mileage option on the Expense page.
  3. Select the Date of travel.
  4. Select the Rate/Km by picking one of the vehicle icons.
  5. Enter the From and To destinations. 
  6. The distance and amount are calculated automatically. The distance however, can be edited. 
  7. You can also claim for a round trip by checking the round trip option at the bottom of the page. 
  8. Click on Save to create your mileage expense. 

Once you save your expense, you can find your fyled expense in the Expense section on the left panel of your Fyle Lite dashboard.

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