Welcome to Fyle Lite, the simplest expense tracking system. 

There are many ways to Fyle ( yes, we use this as a verb )  an expense and we promise a single click experience for you to submit your expenses to your company. 

There are various types of expenses you can Fyle:

  • E-Receipts - Be it your online business travel expenses, mobile bills or even Ola and Uber receipts ,which are typically sent via email can be fyled using the email plugin.
  • Mileage - Track and claim mileage and save tax, based on business travel distance with your own vehicle on the web or mobile app. 
  • Paper Receipts: Typically the receipts that you get at restaurants, toll and so on can be fyled using the mobile app.

To get started:

  1. Create your account


  • click on https://app.fyle.in/
  • Enter login details. You can use your company email ID or login via your Google or LinkedIn account.
  • Verify your account from your email.

2. Fyle your expenses

3. Collate the expenses and create an expense report.

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