Once you're done fyling your expenses, the next thing you want to do is to stitch them all together and create a report out of them. With Fyle Lite, you can create a report on the webapp or on the mobile app with a single click!

Here is how you can create a report on the webapp with Fyle Lite - 

  • Click on 'Create Report' from your dashboard

  • Click on 'Expenses' in the left pane
  • Select all the expenses you want to report
  • Click 'Create Report'

On clicking 'Create Report' you are shown a report view of your expenses. You can change the name of the report and if everything is okay with the report, click on 'Create Report'

Once a report is created you 'DOWNLOAD' a PDF file of the report along with the attachments.
You can also 'SHARE' the current report via email with your manager. 

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