Once you have your Fyle Lite account setup, you can begin fyling your expenses right away!

You can create an expense in one of the following ways: 

  • Email Plugin - Install our Gmail Extension or Outlook Add-In and reload your email. Once done, open an Ola or Uber receipt in your email and you will see a FYLE side panel show up, with the expense data automatically extracted. Simply click "Fyle It"! 

To know more about how you can fyle your email receipts with our email plugin, click here.

  • Mobile App - Download our Android or  IOS app and fyle your paper receipts by simply clicking a picture of the bill.  

To learn more about fyling expenses from the mobile app, click here.

  • Web - Login to  https://app.fyle.in , and manually create your expense and upload a receipt. 

To know more about how you can fyle an expense using our Web app, click here

All expenses fyled across devices get automatically linked to your Fyle account.

Happy Fyling!

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