What is TSheets?

TSheets is a time tracking and employee scheduling app for companies and individuals who wish to track, manage and report time. Their services can be accessed via phones and desktops and are also available on Android, iOS, Google Chrome and, desktop and mobile browsers. It also integrates with various payroll and accounting platforms like QuickBooks, Xero, Gusto, Square, and others. TSheets is an alternative to paper timesheets and punch cards.

TSheets is known to have over 20,000 customers spread across 100+ countries and have processed more than 120,000,000 timesheets since 2006. 

What's more? 

They have over $8 billion in payroll each year!

How does the integration between Fyle and TSheets work?

Once you connect Fyle to your TSheets account, Fyle syncs all your existing TSheets ‘Jobs’ and maps it to 'Projects' inside your Fyle account. You can also tag the TSheets ‘Jobs’ corresponding to your expense or receipt; under the expense field. 

How do I connect my TSheets account with Fyle?

Here's how you can integrate your Fyle account with TSheets:

  • Login to your Fyle account
  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations
  • If you have an existing TSheets account, click on the button labeled 'Connect'

(Note: If you wish to create a new TSheets account, click on the "New to TSheets" button. Once you have activated your new account, return to this step to finish your integration process.)

  • Login to your TSheets account
  • Authorize Fyle to access your TSheets account
  • When successfully connected, you will see the following confirmation message:

Where can I view my TSheets 'Jobs' and how can I sync them with Fyle?

Here’s a step-by-step process on how to access and sync your TSheets 'Jobs':

  • Your TSheets 'Jobs' are mapped to 'Projects' inside Fyle
  • You can view them by logging into Fyle and navigating to the ‘Project’ tab, under ‘Settings’
  • You will now see, ‘Imported from TSheets’, as the description on all the jobs imported from TSheets

To sync your 'Jobs', navigate to Settings > Integrations and choose the 'Sync' option. 

(Note: This option will be available only once you've connected your TSheets account with Fyle).

How do I mark an expense to the corresponding TSheets Job?

To add expenses corresponding to a particular TSheets Job:

  • Login to Fyle from your desktop/laptop
  • Navigate to 'Expenses' and select 'New Expense'
  • While creating a new expense, a field called 'Projects' will be visible to you. This form will contain all the Tsheets 'Job' IDs
  • Select the corresponding 'Job' from the options and fill out the rest of the details
  • Save your expense

How can I create and download an expense filtered by TSheets Jobs?

  • Login to your Fyle account from your desktop/laptop
  • Navigate to 'Reports' and select 'New Report'
  • On the next page, select the desired projects from the dropdown labelled 'Filter by Projects'
  • Once you have selected the expenses from your projects, you can update the desired report name and click on 'Create report'
  • Upon creation, the report can be downloaded directly or shared with you via email

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