The profile settings page contains the below sections:

My Profile:

  • Name - The registered name associated with Fyle
  • Email -  The registered email address associated with Fyle
  • Mobile - The registered mobile number used in Fyle
  • Password - The new password you wish to set
  • Primary Org - The current org set by the Fyle admin

Note: The above fields except “email” can be edited by you.

Organizational Details:

  • Organization name - The org details of the Fyler


  • Approver - The details of the approver who will approve your expenses

Email Forwarding:

  • Fyle Email - The special email associated with each Fyler account to forward receipts generated by merchants (Ola, Uber etc). Click here to read more about this feature.

Secondary emails:

If you wish to forward receipts from other email addresses, add them using the + option. Click here to read more about this feature.

Below are the editable items that a Fyler can perform in their account

Note on how to change your password when logged in:

On the top right corner of your dashboard click on your profile and select “Profile Settings”

Under Profile settings, refer to the Password section and change your password

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