You can approve the Expense Reports submitted to you in one of the following ways:

> Approve all selected reports on the Approval Pending page;

Step 1: Switch to Organization view > Click on Reports.

Step 2: Select all the reports you wish to approve from the Approval Pending tab.

Step 3: Click on the Approve button on the top to approve all the selected reports.

Approve an expense report

> Approve one report at a time after reviewing it;

Step 1: Click on the report you wish to approve.

Step 2: Inside the report, you will see the Approve button on the top right. Click on this button to approve the report after reviewing it.

approving an expense report

> Add another approver for a report ;

Step 1: Open a report. Click on the down arrow next to the Approve button. 

Step 2: Select Add Approver from the set of options to add another approver to this report.

Add Approver

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