Price and Feature Comparison

To explore the features of Fyle, please click here - We currently offer the following plans.

  • $ 4.99 per active user per month if you opt our Annual plan

  • $ 8.99 per active user per month if you opt for our Monthly plan

What is an Active User

With Fyle, you can get your entire organization onboard and only pay for active users. Employees who submit one expense report using any of the modes ( Email Add On, Mobile app or web app ) are billed. At the end of the month, no matter how many employees you have, you will only be billed for your active users.

You can view this in the billing section of the the web app. You would need to be an administrator to view these details.

Are there any additional charges ?

Yes, based on your company's needs and requirements, if you want a few other functionalities, we can offer them at a one time set-up fee of $ 499 or $ 999 for different functionalities. Here are the details of our premium offerings on plan

  • Credit card feed set-up: Set-up work to fetch credit card feed directly into your Fyle account for reconciliation of expenses

  • Guided implementation: Get support from our customer success team to help you with setting-up  your company's Fyle account and get started through a guided on-boarding

  • Multi-country set-up: Get support from our customer success team for implementing Fyle across multiple geographies 

  • Policies set-up and testing: Get support from our customer success team for configuration, set-up and pre-deployment testing of all expense policies

  • Pre Trip authorisation set-up: Get support from our customer success team for setting up custom business travel approval workflows

Are there any hidden fees ? 

Fyle has no hidden fees. You pay for the number of active users in that month. There is no additional fee for training, set up, customer support.

Not only is Fyle the most competitively priced for the features, its also the most transparent by billing you only for the active users ( who represent about 40% of the company ) while still maintaining the same system for everyone else in the company. 

We understand that not everyone in the company has expenses on a regular basis and its important to have a single system, regardless of how many expenses they reimburse in the month. 

Do you offer any discounts for Startups and Non Profits 

Yes ! If you are an early stage company that meets certain criterion or Non Profits, please drop us a note here and we will make sure you won't be disappointed. 

How to I add my Credit Card and subscribe to Fyle?

You can add your credit card by clicking on Settings on the top right corner. 

Click on Billing section and then click on Add Card

How do I downgrade / Delete my account

If you wish to discontinue using Fyle, we'd love to understand your reasons for doing so. In the event that you decide to delete your account, please drop us a note at [email protected] with the subject line " Delete Account" and we will do the needful within 24hrs.

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