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Create a draft expense report on the web app
Create a draft expense report on the web app
What is an expense report? How can I create a draft expense report?
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Once you have Fyled all your expenses, you can create a report to submit the expenses for approval. A report summarizes and also stitches together all the expenses and receipts selected to be a part of the expense report.

Once you create and submit an expense report, the expenses are automatically submitted for approval.

To create a report:

  • Click on Expenses from the left panel.

  • Create Report: Select an expense or multiple expenses and click on the Create Report button  

  • Select the Report Type;

- Basic Report: Select this if you want to create a report out of all the basic expenses that you have incurred.

- Trip Report: Select if you want to create a report out of all expenses that you have made on a recent official trip. For more information on Trip Reports, please refer to this article.

  • After selecting the relevant report type, if you would prefer to save the report as a draft, you could click on the checkbox present beside the Submit report for approval and unmark the same. Once you have unmarked it, the report will be saved as a draft report and the user can keep adding expenses, until the submission of the report.

    Note: No action can be taken by an Approver or the Finance team for reports which are in draft state.

  • Recommending Ready to Report Expenses :

Once the draft report is created, it gives you the recommendation to add expenses that are currently present under the Ready to Report page and the total value it amounts to. Click on Add Expenses to add them to the draft report if required else click on Skip.

  • Review all the details and make any edits to the details if necessary. To get an overview of how to edit details, you can refer to this article.

  • Add to Report: In order to add expenses to an existing report which is either in the Draft or Reported State. Go to the Expenses tab > Select the expenses that you would want to include in the report > Click on Add to Report option.

  • Select the report and expenses will be added to the selected Report.

  • Once you have reviewed all your expenses, just click on the Submit button if you would like to submit the report for your manager's approval.

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