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Manual Flag, Comments, Send Back and Remove Expense
Manual Flag, Comments, Send Back and Remove Expense

What is the difference between Flag,Comment,SendBack and Remove expense? When should I use what?

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Flag - Can be used to mark an expense that requires attention from other approvers or Finance.
When an approver flags an expense, an explanation has to be provided which is added as a comment to the audit trail. The user will be notified of the comment on the expense via email.

Comment - Comments act as a 2 way communication between the approver/admin and the employee. Hence no more having to wait to meet the user to clarify a detail. 

When a comment is added by an approver, the user(employee) and any additional approvers part of the report receive an email notification along with the comment.
Replies to comments can be done from within the respective emails. 

Send Back - Send Back is used when an entire report does not comply with the approval standard and cannot be approved/verified. Send Back sends an email notification to the user and moves report to Sent Back state.
The user is now required to make the necessary changes and re-submit the report. 

Remove Expense -  Remove expense is used when the one expense has to be removed and the rest of the report can be processed.  Removal of expense sends an email notification to the user along with a link to the expense removed and reason for removal. 

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