When an expense with an incorrect category has been approved, it also results in the wrong policy application that can affect the reimbursement amount. In such cases, the admin can change the category and have the right policy changes apply to the expense.

To change the category of the expense:

  • Click on Edit option

  • Edit the expense category. You are also required to provide an explanation if editing the expense. Employees are notified of the same through email. 

edit option for an expense inside a report
  •  Changing the category will display the policy changes (change in amount) that would be applied. 

  • The admin can choose to apply the changes and click SAVE to have the changes saved. If the admin does not want the changes applied and chooses only to change the category, they simply have to click SAVE to update the changes on the expense. 

  • Of course, this is also captured on the audit log to ensure you have a track of everything happening on the expense. 

  • Since this involves expense amount changes and policy warning additions, it can only be wielded by account admins

editing an employee's expense

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