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Process an advance request
Process an advance request

How can you process an advance request and issue advance payment?

Written by Timothy Alphonso
Updated over a week ago

Once an advance request is approved by the approver, the Finance User/ Administrator can process the request and issue the advance amount to the employee. To process the advance request, you may follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Toggle to the Organization view and click on Advances on the left panel. This opens a list of all advance requests.

2. Click on the Approved tab to view approved advance requests. Click on the approved advance request that you wish to process.

3. On opening the advance request, the finance user can take various actions such as:

  • Add Approver: Add another approver if the request needs to be looked into by an exception approver.

  • Send Back: If you wish to send this request back to the requester for further clarification, revision of the request, you could click on this.

  • Add Comments: If you require additional information, you can easily request for it by adding a comment. The employee can look at the comment and respond directly on the comments panel on Fyle.

In the advance request form, you would also be able to view the history of the previously issued advance of that particular user before issuing any new advances.

4. Process Request:

If you have adequate information and find the request in order,  click on Process Request to start processing the payment of the request.

Select the payment mode and click on Issue Advance. The advance amount will be reflected as an unaccounted balance in the user's dashboard.

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