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Getting started with corporate credit cards
Getting started with corporate credit cards

Information on how to begin with corporate credit card module on Fyle

Written by Shrey
Updated over a week ago

As an administrator on Fyle, you have complete control of your organization's corporate cards. You can assign cards to users, and assign card expenses to employees.

Here is a quick overview of the workflow:

  1. Click here for details on the requirements to help us set-up the feed

  2. Check with your bank if they support setting up a data feed that would enable posting the transactions automatically on your Fyle account

  3. Once the automatic data feed has been set-up, all transactions from the corporate cards would be automatically posted on your Fyle account without any manual intervention

  4. If your corporate card program does not support you with a data feed, reach out to us to set up support for uploading your transaction summary/statements

  5. Once the integration is complete, you can assign cards to individual users, or assign separate expenses to users as well

  6. You can view the summary of transactions that are both unmatched, and matched with expenses

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