The advanced search gives you an in-depth view of all the important metrics associated with users. You can use the advanced search to filter a specific set of users satisfying search criteria and do a bulk action. Eg. - Remind all unverified users to verify their Fyle account.

 You can go one step further to export the information as an Excel or CSV for further analysis or for reporting to your team. 

Get an excel dump of all users active on your account:

  • Switch to Admin view and click on ' Employees' option on the left panel

  • Click on the checkbox next to the 'Name' to select all active users. 

Clicking the checkbox to select all employees
  • Click on the export button on the right corner of the page. 

Exporting employee details to file formats
  • The excel export contains all details of active usersas present on your Fyle account.  

Select the 'Employees' tab in the left panel.
Click on the 'Advanced' option right next to the search box on the top right corner.

 Filter out specific data using Advanced search

Set of employee fields will now be available to use as search criteria. 

Filters for users

You can select multiple fields as search options and click on 'Search' to view the required user details

Select all the filters and click on Search

Once the employee list is available as per required criteria, you can select the users and take necessary action

Actions you can perform on Bulk

'Bulk Edit Users':  Edit/update a user information for all users

You can also export the user details in any of the below formats to have a glance of every employee in your organization,  roles, approval workflows, location, etc.

Exporting data to desired file format

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