Request for an Advance

How to request for advance on Fyle? How do I create an advance request?

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You can request for an advance by creating a new advance request on Fyle.
To request for an advance:

1. Click on 'Advances' on the left panel and click on "Request Advance"

Advances option in the dashboard

2. Enter the details of the advance such as purpose, amount, currency, and additional notes if any. You can also attach receipts or other attachments that are relevant to the advance request.

3. Click on "SUBMIT REQUEST". Once the request is created, it is automatically submitted to your approver for approval.

Submitting an advance request

4. You can view all the advances that are awaiting approval under the "Pending" tab.

Advance requests that are awaiting approval

Note: When you open an advance request and click on the checkbox "Check Audit Trail", you can view the advance request's trail of the approval, send back, and edit history. 

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