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Understanding the Payment Queue
Understanding the Payment Queue

How do I move or remove payment from the queue? How do I process payment for a verified report? What is in my payment queue?

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What is in my Payment Queue?

Payment queue contains the list of reimbursable payments to be paid out to users. This essentially contains all approved/verified reimbursable expenses. 

Once a report is approved and verified, there are a list of actions that can be done before you begin processing the payment. 

  1. Move to Payment Queue: Once a report is approved/verified, you have to now move the report to the payment queue. 

       To move reports to the payment queue:

  • Select approved reports under the Verify tab of the Reports page. Click on “Move to Payment Queue”.

Move to payment queue


  • Select individual report and click on “Move to Payment Queue”.

Move report to payment queue

The report is now moved to the 'Payment Pending' section and a payment is now created in the Payments Queue.

The user receives an email notification that the expense report has now been moved to the queue. 

  2.   Start Processing:  Once you find the payment to be of order, you can move the payment from the Queue to the Processing section by clicking on the Start Processing button after selecting the payments to be processed. 

Start Processing the payment

You can also filter out the expense reports under the payment queue by clicking on

the downward arrow as shown below;

Select all entries to be processed

When you click on the downward pointing arrow, you will be able to see filter options such as;

Quick selection list

  3.    Remove from Payment Queue: Remove reports from payment queue. This moves the reports to the verify section.


Adjust with ADVANCE
Admins can adjust the reimbursement amount with un-accounted advance given to the employee if the advance is recorded on fyle.

When the expense reported by a user is lesser than the Advance given, there is the option to adjust the payment with the advance (subtract the claimed amount of the advance), and the remaining advance can be used by the user.

Advance Adjustment


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