To be able to split an expense, follow these steps:

1. Enter all the mandatory fields on the expense form, and ensure the amount is filled accurately

2. Scroll down and click on Options which will display three ways in which you can split an expense 

Splitting expenses in expense form on Fyle

3. When you select one of the three options, a pop-up appears prompting you to choose the different projects / cost-centres / categories that you wish to split the expense into. Choose the appropriate values, enter the percentage of each expense that has to be split into the corresponding projects / cost-centres / categories. 

Apart from splitting an expense by percentage, you can enter the amount separately and the relevant percentage will be calculated automatically. 

Splitting expenses by project on Fyle

4. Ensure all the values are accurate and click Split Expense

That's all, the expense would have been split into multiple expenses that you can find under the 'Expenses' page. Moreover, any of the attachments included will be attached to all components of an expense that has been split. We told you it was really simple!

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