A single expense can be split into multiple projects, cost centers, or categories. Splitting an expense is a one-time nonreversible action. Once split, the two expenses will be treated as separate individual expenses.

You can split expenses while creating them or after they have been saved. Expenses that have been reported or in any stage beyond that cannot be split.

Follow the steps mentioned below in order to split expenses:

Select the expense you wish to split. The Edit Expense box will show you details on the expense. From the bottom right corner of the box, click on Options.

A list of options will be visible:

  • Split Expense by Category: this option will split the expense into different categories

  • Split Expense by Project: this option will split the expense into different projects

  • Split Expense by Cost Center: this option will split the expense into different cost centers

NOTE: The Split Expense options will be available only if the feature has been enabled by your Fyle admin.

While splitting an expense, you can split the amount of the expense by percentage.

For example, if split 1 is 10% of the total amount - enter 10 in the dialog box below %, and automatically split 2 will be filled in with the remaining percentage and the corresponding amounts for both splits.

You can add more splits to the expense by clicking on the Add Split button. Up to 30 splits can be added for a single expense.

If you wish to split the amount of the expense equally among the splits, click on the Split Evenly button.

Once you have filled in the required details, click on the Split Expense button.

The split expenses will be visible under the Expenses section, in the Unreported tab. The receipt attached to the original expense will be attached to all the split expenses.

These expenses are unreported and are yet to be added to a report for submission. You can edit any details on the expenses by clicking on them and saving them once the changes are made.

To learn more about adding expenses to a report, click here.

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