Create Mileage expenses via the Web App

How do I create mileage expenses? What are mileage expenses? Can I add stops to my mileage expenses?

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You can create mileage expenses for your trip with multiple stops and file them for reimbursement. You can log your mileage expenses for your trip using the Fyle web app.

Mileage expenses log your trip details from point to point and calculate the rate based on the mileage rate set by your organization.

You can follow these steps in order to add Mileage expenses:

  1. Click on the little drop-down arrow on the Add Expense button beside the Tasks section of your spender Dashboard. Select Add Mileage.

2. You will be redirected to a new mileage expense form.

3. Under Date of Travel. Click on the calendar icon in the dialog box and select your travel date from the calendar.

4. Select your Mileage Rate. The mileage rate varies based on the type of vehicle used. Select the required option (if applicable).

5. Fill in the Start (A) and End (B) points. Here you can choose your start and destination points by typing them in.

Based on the start and end points entered, a Google map will be auto-generated on the right-hand panel of your screen with the stops as pointers.

Note: If this was a round trip, you can click on the checkbox next to Round Trip. The round-trip feature is available only if there are no stops on the route.

Once the location details are entered. The distance and amount will get calculated automatically.

Add stops to your route

If there are any stops you have made during the trip you can log them in the mileage expense using the following steps:

  • To add a stop point click on the Add Stop button and enter the location.

  • If there are more stops within your trip, click on the Add Stop button again and enter another stop location.

  • To delete a stop, click on the Trash Bin icon next to the stop.

You can add up to 10 stops (including the start and endpoints) in a single mileage expense.

The distance will be automatically calculated based on your start, stop and end points using the mileage rate set by your organization.

6. Once the expense form has been filled in. Click Save in order to save the expense.

7. The expense will now be visible under the Unreported tab of your Expenses section.

The expense can now be added to a report for submission. You can make any changes to the expense by clicking on it, editing the required details, and clicking on Save to save the changes.

To learn more about creating mileage expenses via the mobile app, click here.

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