To make it easier for you to log your mileage expenses spanning multiple stops in any given day, we have enhanced the mileage feature. Here is how you can now log your mileage expense if there are multiple stops:

  1. Click on +New Mileage button on the dashboard (or) Select +New Expense on the dashboard and then  Add Mileage option on the expense page.

  2. Enter 'Date of Travel' and the mode of transport by selecting one of the vehicle icons

  3. Enter the start point of your travel by selection the From location

  4. Enter the first stop point of your travel by selecting To location

  5. To add another stop point click on the Add Stop button and enter the second location. This will automatically capture this location as the end point of your trip. 

  6. If there are more stops within your trip, click on the Add Stop button again and enter another stop location.

  7. On entering all the stop location, the application automatically calculates the distance and the expense amount based on the mileage rate set for your organization.

  8. After entering all the details, you can then click on Save which will create mileage expense with multiple stops. 

Adding multiple locations in Mileage form on Fyle

The application will allow you to add upto 10 stops(including the start and endpoints) in a single mileage expense.

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