The trip request module in Fyle allows your business to:

  • Streamline travel requisition by employing pre-trip authorizationĀ 

  • Coordinate booking of flights and hotels for the trips via an in-house travel desk

The trip request workflow begins with users creating a trip request that is submitted to the approver upon creation. Once approved, the request can be instantly accessed by a travel agent who can then process the request.

Trip Request Workflow:

Trip Request Workflow on Fyle

Persona's involved;

> Requestor submits a trip request which will be sent to Approver for approval.

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> Approver, who receives the trip request from the requestor and who can take the necessary actions like Approve, Reject, Send Back or Add additional approver.

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> Travel Admin, has access to all the trips and also assigns the requests to travel agents or to self for processing the requests.

> Travel Agent, who processes the booking, records the booking information, creates an expense after booking, and assigns it to the requestor or process the trip cancellation if the cancellation request placed by the requestor.

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