A nifty feature that makes your life easy if you have multiple receipts stacked up to Fyle is Bulk Fyle. With this feature, you can upload multiple receipts in just one go and create an expense for each receipt. 

Steps to Bulk Fyle

1. Login to your Fyle account.

2. Open Expenses from the column on the left.

3. Click on Add Expense

4. Select Bulk Add Expenses tab. 

Adding reciepts in bulk on Fyle

You can either import files (receipts) from Dropbox or upload them from your system. The files should be in JPG, JPEG, PNG or PDF format and up to 2MB each. 

Once you upload the files, it creates an expense for every file that you have uploaded and appears in the Draft Expenses tab in your Expenses page.

Draft expenses after Bulk Fyle

After you fill all the mandatory fields and save it, these expenses will flow to Ready to Report tab. These saved expenses can now be reported. 

Ready to report expenses in Fyle

To learn how this feature works on the mobile app, click here

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