If an approver or finance team requires some clarification or further documentation/evidence on any of your reports, they will “Send Back” the report with a comment on it.

Once an expense report is sent back to you by the approver, the report will be seen under the “Sent Back” tab of your "My Reports" page. You will also receive an email on the same as shown below:

Mail notification of the action taken by the approver/admin

Open the email to see which report requires further action from you.

You can also view such reports from your dashboard, by clicking on the Sent Back reports as shown below:


You can simply find them under the “Sent Back” tab of your "My Reports" page as shown below.

Select the Report and view the comments to find out why the report was sent back.

View the comments made by the approver and take necessary actions and resubmit the report.

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