The company expenses page gives you an overview of all expenses in your organisation. The details included in this page are:

  • Expense ID - The unique ID of the individual expense

  • Spend date - The date on which the expense was made

  • Employee - The name of the Fyler

  • Details - The category of the expense ( Taxi, Food etc)

  • Amount - The claimed amount

  • State - The current state of the expense (reported, approved etc)

  • Issues - If there are any issues noticed in the reported Expense

  • View - View the expense

Company Expenses

Advanced search filter can be used to view the reports that fall under the requirement. For E.g:

  1. You want to filter the list of expenses that are flagged by the approver you can do so by referring to the below:

Expenses export filters

2. You want to filter the list of expenses where policy is violated, you can do so by referring to the below:

Search expenses using filters

You can read more about this here

Exporting Company Expenses

You also have the capability to choose which fields you wish to use for your reference so that only those specific line items reflect in your csv file. 

  - Go to Expenses  
  - Find expenses that match your criteria
  - Click on Search
  - Select the list of expenses
  - Click on Export
  - Select the fields you wish to export in csv

Export company expenses

Select the fields to be exported
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