Bulk Add Cost Centers
How to add Cost Centers in Bulk
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Large organizations will have multiple cost centers. Hence adding a cost center one at a time is a constraint. We have an option to Bulk add cost centers in such cases. The steps to follow are below:

  • Login as an Admin in Fyle and click on the "gear" settings icon

  • Under Settings, Click on Organization > Cost Centers

adding cost centers on Fyle
  • Click on “Bulk Add/Update”

Bulk add cost centers
  • Click on “Download Template”

Download templates to add cost centers in Bulk
  • Ensure the Line Items while adding Cost Centre are filled as shown below

Template to add cost centers in Bulk
  • Save the excel file in .xlsx format

  • Click on “Upload File

There you go! Your Bulk Load of cost centers are uploaded in Fyle.

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