You can conveniently create and save draft reports on the mobile app, just like the way you create draft reports on the web app. Draft reports are not routed for approval queue automatically until you submit them for approval.

Here's how you can create and save a draft report on the mobile app:

  1. Log into your Fyle account on the mobile app and navigate to three bars at the top left to go to the Expenses page.

  2. Long press on expenses to select the expenses you want to add to the draft report from the Expenses page and click on Create New Report button.

  3. You can enter the Report Name and click on Save Draft to save the report as a draft.

4. You can add more expenses to a draft report by selecting the expenses and clicking on Add to reports.

5. Once all your expenses are added to the draft report and you have reviewed all the details, open the draft report and use the Submit Report option to submit the report to your approver.

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