When it comes to expenses, every organization usually has a set of clearly defined policies. Critical policies of an organization are those policies that disallow employees to create and report certain expenses that violates those policies. Whenever a user is trying to create an expense in Fyle which violates a certain Critical policy of the organization, he/she is unable to do so. Fyle automatically detects when a critical policy is being violated and the user is not able to report the same.

For example, the organization has a policy that Accommodation/ Customer Visit expense cannot be beyond a certain amount per day and if the user (Spender/Fyler) tries to create an expense greater than that amount, he/she will be unable to do so - the following screen will be shown when he/she tries to save the expense (along with the reason of violation).

Critical policy violation after entering expenses on Fyle

All such expenses that have violated Critical Policies will appear under Cannot Report tab in My Expenses section (after the user has saved such expense by clicking on Continue). The user will not be able to report any expenses that appear under the Cannot report tab in My Expenses section.

Cannot report state of expenses on Fyle

In order to understand which policies were specifically violated the user can check the organization's policies under the Policies section at the bottom left of the web app screen. Having identified the violation, the user can then edit or change the expense created appearing in the Cannot Report section to ensure that there is no violation and can fyle the same subsequently. Alternatively, if the user is unable to determine the reason for the violation, he can get in touch with his organization's administrator by clicking on the Support icon on the top right of the screen. 

Fyle admin and support pop up on Fyle.

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