When a user navigates to the My Expenses section, he/she will find multiple tabs that show different stages of expenses as follows - Ready to Report, Draft, Flagged and Cannot Report.

Draft Expenses are those expenses which the system automatically retrieves from the paper or e receipts. The expenses are generated when the user 

  • Uploads a receipt or

  • Forwards a receipt from his/her email or

  • Creates an expense via the email plug-in or 

  • Uploads multiple receipts in bulk. 

In order to submit an expense, there could be other necessary (mandatory) details that need to be provided and are not captured when the system automatically creates an expense. All such expenses reflect under the Draft section for the Fyler to review and also fill out any additional details required or not extracted.

Draft expenses form on Fyle

The user can click on each expense individually and review the same or click on Start Review to process all the expenses at once. 

Reviewing draft expenses by Fyler on Fyle

Once the expense is reviewed and all the mandatory details are filled in, the user can simply click on Save and the expense will move to Ready to Report section.

In case the expense violates any company policy, it will move to Flagged expense, and if it violates a Critical Policy of the company the expense will be reflected under Cannot Report section.

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