Expenses are classified into different states in order to easily understand their status throughout the reimbursement process. All your expenses are visible under the Expenses section.

You will find multiple tabs indicating the states of expenses that require your attention namely, Incomplete, Unreported, Flagged, Cannot Report, and All.

We will look at the expenses present under the Incomplete tab in course of this article.

As the name suggests, Incomplete expenses are those expenses that have mandatory expense fields to be filled in order to save the expenses and report them.

These expenses are automatically retrieved from the receipt capture, card feed (if applicable), and e-receipts. The expenses are generated when you:

  • Upload a receipt via capturing a receipt,

  • Forward a receipt from your email,

  • Card feed auto-create expenses (if applicable), or

  • Upload multiple receipts in bulk 

In order to save and report the expenses present under the Incomplete tab, the mandatory expense fields have to be filled in.

The red star next to the field name indicates the field is mandatory. The expense cannot be saved unless the expense detail has been entered in the required field.

In order to view and edit the expenses you can click on each expense individually which will take you to the expense form for that particular expense.

Or you can select the expenses you wish to edit/review by the checkbox next to them and click on Start Review to view the expenses together.

Once the expense is reviewed and all the mandatory details are filled in, click on Save to save the expense.

The expense/s will now be visible under the Unreported tab. You can add these expenses to a report and submit them for approval.

To know more about the different states of expenses click here,

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