Pull Back an Advance Request

How to pull back an advance request which is already submitted? How to resubmit the same?

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Any Advance request that is already submitted can be pulled back or modified, before the same is Processed.

If you want to modify any details in your Advance request, you can pull back the same before it is processed.

  • Navigate to Advances in the left panel.

  • Open the Advance request that you want to modify/pull back. Click on Pull Back from the list of options available on the top right of the Advance Request screen.

Pulling back a submitted advance request
  • Enter the reason for pulling back the request, and then click on Pull back.

Reason for pulling back a submitted advance request
  • You can Resubmit the request that has been pulled back by clicking on the Edit option in the Advance Request screen, make any changes if required and then submit the same for approval.

Edit option to make changes to the pulled back advance request

All the Pulled Back Advance Request will reflect under the Draft Section and can be edited, deleted or resubmitted.

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