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What are Draft Advances? How can I submit the same

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If your organization has enabled the advance module, you can access and create Advances by clicking on Advances panel on the left side.

If you want to submit an advance request but are not yet sure to submit the request to your manager, Draft Advances lets you do exactly that. Below are the detailed steps on how you can create a Draft Advance request.

Click on Advances on the left panel and request for an Advance by entering all the required details. While saving the request, you will get two options
 - To Submit Request or 

-  To Save Draft

Creating draft advance request

If you want to save the request as a draft and edit it or fill in other details later you can click on Save Draft option - the request will now reflect under the Draft tab in your Advances Requests screen.

In case you Pull Back an advance request already submitted, this will also reflect under the draft section. If you want to modify any details in the advance request after the same has been submitted for approval you can pull back the request after giving a reason for the same - this option is only available before the request has been Processed.

Advance request saved as drafts

All Pulled back and Draft advance requests will reflect under the Draft tab, which can later be edited, deleted, and/or resubmitted for approval.

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