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Collect refund of unused advances
Collect refund of unused advances

Collecting back unused advance amount in bulk from multiple users

Written by Shrey
Updated over a week ago

You will be able to collect back refund on unused employee advances. As collecting back the refunds on unused advances individually for each employee can be a time consuming and tedious task, you can use Bulk Collect Refunds instead.
To collect a refund, switch to Organisation mode and navigate to Advances > Refunds > Bulk Collect Refunds. A pop-up would appear where you will have to upload a .xlsx file with all the details as mentioned in the template.

Bulk Upload Refunds

It's recommended that you download the template and fill all the information in the same and upload it. The template would include the following fields - Employee Email, Request / Advance Id, Advance Number, Refund Currency, Refund Amount, Converted Amount Notes, Returned On, Payment Mode, Card Number, Reference Number.

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