Admins now have the option to add Head of Department or Project Head as an approver while creating Expense, Advance Request or Trip Request Policies. There may be instances where certain expenses require approval from the Department or Project head, an example of this may be all expenses incurred for Team outing/lunch require approval from Department heads. This can be easily configured with the help of the feature. To add Department/Project heads as approver in policies :

1. Go to Settings> Policy & Compliance >Expense (or Trip/Advance Request) Policy and click on + New Policy

+new policy in policy and compliance tab

2. In the Add Policy Rule form, add a Policy description which will be visible to the users when the policy is violated :

add policy description

3. Add other User and Expense properties that are required

add user properties

4. Fill in any other details required, like project details, amount limit etc and select  appropriate policy action. At the bottom of the Add Policy page, you will find an option to add Project head or Department Head as approvers, as shown below :

add department head in policy actions

Select the additional approver (Project or Department Head) you want to add and click on Save.

Now if a user tries to create an expense belonging to any of the categories/projects specified, the expense will go to the Department/Project head for additional approval, the user can check the details in the History section of the expense.

policy description in the expense page

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