Recording per diem expenses on Fyle is extremely easy. The per diem allowance is allocated to you according to your company's policy. 

Follow the steps below to start entering your per diem expenses: 

1. Click on Add Expense directly from the dashboard / Expenses tab on your left-hand side.
2. Click on Add Per Diem.

Adding per diem expenses on Fyle

3. Enter the details required:

  • From and To Dates: Select the From and To days to indicate the days you worked away from your office. Once the days are selected, the system will capture the number of days automatically in "No. of Days".

  • Per Diem Rate: Types of daily allowance which you as an employee can claim from your company. Click on the type of daily allowance which you wish to avail (If you have multiple per diem allowances allocated to you. Otherwise, you will see a default per-diem allowance pre-populated)

  • Expense Amount: The amount is calculated based on the per diem allowance. Here's how the amount is calculated 

             Expense Amount = Per Diem Rate (or) Per Day Allowance x No of Days

  • Other Details: If your organisation requires you to specify the details of the project, cost centre, etc, you'd need to fill in the appropriate information

  • Click "Save" to save the per diem expense. This expense will be saved under the Ready to Report section which is visible from the Expenses tab. 

  • You can also create a separate report for this per diem allowance by clicking on the arrow beside "Save" and clicking "Save and Create Report"

Per diem expense form on Fyle

To get an overview of creating and reporting expenses, click here     


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