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Task Automation - Report Auto - Approvals
Task Automation - Report Auto - Approvals
Set up automatic report approvals
Written by Bhavika Ghate
Updated over a week ago

As an approver, you can set up a Task Automation where a certain type of report (for example, by a certain employee, or up to a defined amount, etc) will be approved automatically. You can set up the conditions under which the reports get automatically approved. The workflow set-up will operate only on the reports that comply with the set conditions, reports that do not will have to be manually approved by you.

To set up the Task Automation, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

Navigate to your settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of your screen.

From the left-hand sidebar, select Task Automation. Click on the Add Task button.

Select a Task to automate

Under this section, select Auto-Approve Reports from the drop-down list.

Click on the Continue button.

Apply conditions

In this section, you can set up various conditions defining which reports should be included in the automatic approval process.

Click on the Expand icon to add sub-filters. Once sub-filters are added, if any one of the entered conditions is met, the report will qualify for automatic approval.

For example, here if the amount is lesser than $50 OR the department is Marketing/ Training, the report will be automatically approved.

Once all the conditions are filled in, click on the Continue button.

Select when to run the Task

In the last section, you can set up when the auto-approval is carried out. And lastly, you can name the automation process.

On the right-hand side, you can see a Summary box. In this box, the selections that you have made will be visible at a glance.

For example, here all reports which are from the Marketing/Training department or less than $50 will be automatically approved once they are submitted.

Once all the details are filled in, click on the Automate Task button.

In the pop-up box that appears, you can see a preview of the selections you have made, click Yes to finish.

The task will get added to the list. You can Enable or Disable the task using the toggle button on its right side.

Using the steps mentioned above, you can easily set up auto-approvals for your reports.

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