As an administrator, you will be able to control the user's visibility on cost centers that are set in your organisation. This can be done by allotting cost centers to its specific departments in the settings page.

Why is this significant?

This set-up sees to it that the users from a particular department will be able to view only a specific set of cost centers that applies to the department. The feature adds to the capability of assigning a restricted list of cost centers to users independently.

To allot cost centers; Click on Settings > Users > Departments

Select the department in which you would be allotting the cost center.

Department form in Admin settings to select allowed cost centers for departments

Click on "Set Allowed Cost Centers for the employees under this department"

You will now be routed to the "Employees" tab. Here, you will be able to see the filtered list of employees who are working under the department which you have selected in the "Departments"

Employees belonging to the selected departments

Select all the employees and click on "Edit (n) Employees".

Edit (n) Employees

An employee form will appear asking you to enter the details;

Under "Expense Details", you will be able to see a field called "Allowed Cost Centers", when you click on the dropdown, you will be able to see the list of the cost centers that are present in your organization. You can either select one or multiple cost centers as per your company's requirements. This will ensure that the user belonging to a particular department has visibility to the cost centers that are allotted to that specific department.

Click on "Save" once you have filled in all the details.

Allocating cost centers to the selected department

Here is a sneak-peak showing the user's point of view when the view of cost centers are restricted;

Restricted cost center view on Expense form

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