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Accessing MIS Reports on Fyle
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MIS reports are widely used by organizations as it helps in identifying, analyzing, planning, and implementation of the actions which aid the business operation improvement.

Fyle supports a few pre-defined MIS reports which give a detailed breakdown of the company's expenditure based on the criteria mentioned below.

  • Spend By Departments

  • Spend By Projects

  • Spend By Vendors

  • Spend By Categories

As an administrator of Fyle, you can generate reports of the expense data of the past three months which are documented in Fyle.

How to View and Export MIS Reports from Fyle:

  • Go to Organization mode

  • Click on the MIS Reports tab on the left-side navigation bar

MIS Reports overview
  • Select the report type.

Spends in Projects overview

Here, you will get deeper insights on the expenditures that were incurred under different projects in your company in the past three months. If you wish to personalize this view as per your requirement, you can click on "Manage Columns"

and customize your view accordingly by checking and unchecking the boxes shown below.

Managing the view shown in Fyle

Once you have viewed all the details and you want to create a report out of the concise data, click on the "Export"

Exporting data

Select the preferred file format.

Exporting data into desired file format

After selecting the file format, you will be able to see checkboxes of fields that you would like to include in the report that you would be exporting. Click on "Export" after selecting all the necessary fields.

The fields that should be present on the export

You can download this report using the download link sent to you via mail by Fyle.

Here is a sneak-peak of how the mail would look like;

Downloading the export requested on Fyle via mail

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