Spender's First Day with Fyle

Comprehensive guide to help you on your first day with Fyle

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Who is a Spender?

A spender refers to an employee of the organization who will be creating and submitting expenses/receipts for reimbursement or reconciliation on Fyle. As a spender, you can create expenses and submit them for approval to your approver.

Throughout this article, we will guide you through the process of setting up your Fyle account, help you with the creation of expenses, and report the expenses to your manager.

Verify Your Fyle Account

Before you can log in and start using Fyle, you will need to verify your account. Verification of your Fyle account is a mandatory step in order to log in with Fyle.

The Fyle administrator of your organization will send you an invitation link via your official email ID. The email contains a link to verify your account and is valid for 24 hours.

Log Into Fyle

Once you have verified your account, log into Fyle using your credentials. The first page you see on your screen is called the Dashboard. You can perform various actions from the Dashboard itself. It gives you a one-glance view of your expenses, reports, cards, and tasks.

You can download and log into Fyle app on your mobile to create your expenses on the go!

The app is available to download via App Store and Play Store.

Much like your web app, the first screen that you see once you log in via the mobile app is the Dashboard. The mobile app dashboard also allows you to carry out multiple actions.


To navigate to your account settings you can click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen.

In your account settings, you can see a few pages on the left-hand side panel for different types of setting configurations. Before you start creating expenses and using Fyle, we recommend you go through the various settings and set your preferences.

Profile settings

Preferences Settings

  • Features: Enable/disable certain auto-features such as automatic data extraction for your Fyle account. You can use the toggle sliders to set your preference.

  • Fyle Mail: This is a unique email ID for your Fyle account. You can forward receipts from any email ID to your Fyle mail and the expense will get auto-created for it in your account.

  • Secondary Inboxes: If you receive work receipts on your personal email ID you can add it as a secondary inbox to your Fyle account. Once you forward any receipts from this account, Fyle will auto-create expenses for you.

  • Access Delegation: Grant access to your account to a delegatee, permanently or for a specific time period. The delegate will be able to manage your account on your behalf.

  • Timezone: Select the timezone you operate in.

Notification Settings

  • Expenses Notifications/ Expense Reports Notifications: Select your preferences for receiving notifications about various events related to your expenses and reports.

  • Slack Notifications: If your workspace operates on Slack, link it to your Fyle account to receive notifications and create expenses from Slack.

Manage Corporate Cards Settings

What Are Expenses and Reports?

Expenses are basically individual records of each spend that was made by the spender. Creating expenses is the first step of the reimbursement/reconciliation cycle. Expenses can be created in multiple ways which we will cover in the next section of the article.

Expenses are of primarily three types:

  • General expenses: expenses created by attaching receipts for general usage.

  • Mileage expenses: expenses used to track trip details from point to point.

  • Per diem expenses: expenses created based on the per diem issued by your organization.

Expense Reports or Reports are a collaboration of multiple expenses. They consist of multiple expenses that are consolidated as a single report and submitted to your approver. You can choose which expenses to include or exclude from a report.

Create Expenses and Expense Reports

You can create expenses in multiple ways, these include:

Expense reports can be created quickly using the following methods:

You can always reach out via email to our support team for any queries you may have from the support icon in the top right corner of your screen. The Help Centre is also accessible to you and has multiple knowledge base articles to guide you through the product.

This covers a wide range of functionalities, settings, and operations that as a spender you can go through and explore on your first day using Fyle.

Happy Fyling!

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