If you are you an approver who approves report for users who belong to different organizations, then Fyle has got you covered.

Cross-Org Approvals help you approve reports for users from different organizations even if you are not a part of those organizations.

There can be two scenarios in a multi-org setup -

1. Approver has only one org but has reportees from multiple organizations

For example: If you are part of an organization named A and you have users reporting from organization B. As soon as the user from Org B reports an expense, it will show up in the Reports under Teams on your account on your organization A.

User's submitted report from another organization showing under primary org in the approver's account

You can check the reporter's organization on the Reports page under the employee info.

Checking user's organisation details from Reports

2. If the approver is a part of one or more organizations and has reportees from multiple organizations including the ones where the approver is not a part of. This might happen when you have moved from one entity to another or moved from one country to another.

The approver will see all the team reports in his primary org (cross org approver) under Team > Reports. You can choose your primary org as shared here (add link) and also, see all the expense reports submitted by users from different organizations under your primary org.

User's submitted report from an org where the approver is not a part of, showing under primary org of the approver's account
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