As the Head of Department or Head of Project you will be able to access this Dashboard, through this you will be able to overlook all of your team's activities, their spending patterns and tasks that require your action. There is also an Overview section where you can can see some useful charts such as your Department/Project Budget, Spend by Categories, Top Spenders, Travel Planning - Flight and Hotels.

Dashboard overview for Project & Department Heads

You can access this dashboard by just clicking on the Dashboard tab under Team from the left panel.

Access the dashboard for Project & Department head from Teams option

Here's a list of items you can get an insight of:

  • This section will show the number of reports, trip and advance requests pending on you for approval. Clicking on them will lead to the respective requests.

Dashboard including list of tasks to do
  • This section will give you an insight of the number of hotels and transportation booked, number of unreported expenses and total number of corporate credit card expenses created by your team on a monthly basis.

Month wise summary in the project & Department head dashboard
  • A graph of Department/Project Budget Overview, you will get an insight of Total budget allocated for the current cycle, Total amount spent in the current cycle and Total amount spent in the previous cycle. This will help you track and plan your team's spends better.

Budget overview Department wise
Budget overview project wise
  • A graph of your team's spend against various categories, you will get an insight on what categories your team spends the most.

Breakup of spent done in each category
  • A graph of your team's top spenders. This will give you an insight of how much each employee is spending in your team.

Top 5 spenders in the organization
  • A graph on how much your team is spending on Travel related expenses such as Flight and Hotels. Get insights on the risk incurred when Flights/Hotels are booked 7 days before the date of travel/check-in by your team.

Travel planning done with respect to Flight & Hotels
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