Once you have saved all your expenses, they are all ready to be reported/submitted for approval. There are many ways you can submit your expenses in an expense report.

Using Tasks

You can find your pending work under 'Tasks' on your dashboard.

  • Click on the 'Add to Report' button to proceed with submitting your expenses.

  • In the box, either add these expenses to an existing report or create a new report and submit the report for approval.

  • Your expense report is now submitted/reported for approval!

On 'My Expenses' page

  • Under the Expenses tab, select all the expenses that you want to submit in an expense report.

  • Click on Create report.

  • In the box, edit the 'Report Name' if you wish and submit the report for approval.
    If you don't want to submit your report as yet, uncheck the 'Submit report for approval' option. This will save your report in a draft mode.

  • Your expense report is now submitted/reported for approval!

Create Draft Report Now and Submit Later

Here's a list of actions you can take to review the details of your draft report before you can Submit it for approval:

  • You can edit the name of the report by clicking on Edit, right next to the report name.

  • You can View, Edit and Remove each expense from the report.

  • You can select all the expenses at once and

    • Add a common comment on all expenses by clicking on 'Add Comment' (or)

    • Remove all the added expenses by clicking on 'Remove'.

  • On the 'My Expenses' page, you can add the 'Ready to Report' expenses directly to a draft report by clicking on the 'Add to Report' option and selecting the draft report:

  • When you want to submit this draft expense report, just click on 'Submit'.

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