Fyle Sage Intacct Integration
Everything you need to know about the Fyle integration for the Sage Intacct software.
Written by Bhavika Ghate
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Key functionalities:

  • If your organization uses Sage Intacct as the main accounting software and Fyle for all the expense management, then this integration is the bridge between the two systems.

  • The integration allows you to import all the expenses from Fyle and export them to your Sage Intacct account where it’ll be stored permanently for all accounting purposes.

  • Employees, expenses, projects, and cost centers from your Fyle account can all be mapped to their equivalent features on Sage Intacct.

How it works:

  • If you’re already signed into your Fyle account on another tab, you will be signed into the integration app automatically. If not, enter the credentials and sign in.

  • Next, you’ve to select the Organization from your Fyle account which you want to connect to the integration app. This is the organization from which you wish to import and export expenses.

  • Click on Allow. You’ll now land on the dashboard of the Fyle Sage Intacct Integration app.

  • From the dashboard, you can directly import expenses from Fyle that are in the Payment Processing state and export them to Sage Intacct. You can also get a quick overview of the number of successful and failed exports on the right side of the dashboard.

  • You can carry out the Import and Export processes from the Import & Export page too.

  • On the Expense Groups page, you can see all the exports that were successfully complete or failed.

  • Clicking on one of the expense groups will give you more details about all the expenses in that group.

  • Note that, currently only Reports that are in the Payment Processing state in Fyle can be exported as Expense Groups. The Claim Number you see in the above picture is the claim number of the report (in Fyle).

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