The My Expenses page contains a list of all your expense reports present in various states. This page can be accessed by clicking on the Expenses button on your dashboard or you can navigate through the left panel of your Fyle dashboard and click on Expenses.


Here you will find a list of all the expenses created by you segmented by the various states they are present in.

What are the various functionalities available on this page?

  • Create a new expense: You can create a new report by clicking on the New Expense button

  • View expenses of various states: You can view the different states of the expenses by selecting the views such as Draft, Fyled, Reported, Sent Back, Approved, Payment Queue, Payment Processing, Paid

  • Edit Expenses: You can edit expenses which are in Draft and Fyled state

  • Export/Download Expenses: Click on the checkbox right next to expenses that you would like to Export. Choose Excel or CSV format, Select the columns(expense details) which you would like to export and clikc o

Select columns for exporting details from my expenses page
  • Export expenses: You can also customise your My Expenses page by selecting and rearranging the expense fields that you want to view. Just select and deselect the checkboxes to hide and unhide columns through the Manage Columns button and select the order of the fields that appear on the screen by dragging fields up and down.

Customizing view on Fyle
  • Advanced filters on expenses: Click on Filters, filter your search based on various criteria of your choice.

filters on my expenses

You can also add multiple filters by clicking on Add Filter and just click on Apply Filters. Refer to this article for a better understanding.

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