You can now easily automate repetitive tasks using Task Automation.

If you're already adding all your expenses to Fyle, for example, you can use the Auto Submission Task to automatically generate and submit a report for you at regular intervals. In fact, here's a list of all the tasks you can automate for yourself:

  • Submit: The most commonly used task is to simply create a report that gathers all your unreported expenses and submits them on your behalf. This means if you're fyling your expenses regularly, you might never need to create a report by yourself again!

  • Approve: If you have a simple personal routine for approving reports, you can tell us what that routine is, and we'll approve them on your behalf.

  • Send Back: Conversely, if you've observed some common mistakes that people in your team make when submitting reports, that causes you to send them back, just encode them into a Task, and we can send back reports that display those mistakes.

  • Verify: If your role requires you to mark every expense report as verified, try to teach us what you look for in a report moving it ahead. If the conditions match, we can take care of this.

  • Move to Payment Queue: Finally, if you know the circumstances under which a report can be moved to the payment queue, define that in your Task and this will be done automatically.

Here's how you can go about setting up a Task.

  • Go to Profile Settings by clicking on the arrow next to your name in the top right corner of the dashboard.

  • Now, select Task Automation on the sidebar. And click on the Add Task button.

  • First up, select the task you'd like to automate, and click on Continue.

  • Next, apply conditions that determine what your task automation will do. For example, you may want to automate the task for food expenses only. This step is optional, so if you choose not to set any conditions, the task will simply act on all expenses.

  • Finally, select when you'd like the task to run. You can do this on the basis of an event, or select a fixed schedule. You have the following options for scheduling the task: Daily, Weekly or Monthly. If you add the task in the middle of a cycle, say in the middle of a month, then only expenses added in the rest of the cycle (till the date of submission) will be considered for the first run. After that, all expenses will be grouped cycle-to-cycle.

  • Give your task automation a friendly name, and automate!

That's it! Now carry on adding your expenses to Fyle, and we'll take care of the rest. Fyle will group all expenses or reports that satisfy the applied conditions and process them all based on your preferences.

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