Under Cards, you have:

Corporate Cards

Enable the following features based on your organization's requirements.

  • Bank Feed Integration allows your bank/card provider to directly send your corporate card bank feed to Fyle.

  • Generic Statement Parser provides a generic template to import card transactions from manually uploaded bank statements.

  • Auto-Match is a smart feature that automatically attempts to match card expenses to their card transactions.

  • Auto-Create automatically creates expenses for the card transactions assigned to an employee.

    Note: To disable corporate cards for your organization, Please contact CS support team at [email protected]


  • Set up ACH (Automated Clearing House) to automate the reimbursement process by allowing funds to be moved directly from your organization's bank account to that of your employees.

Bank Payment File

  • Add your organization's bank details that will be required for generating the Bank Payment File. Payment Files are used for batch processing payments.

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