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How can I add holiday list of my Organisation?
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Administrators now have the ability to define Holidays on Fyle. This feature can be utilized to define policies and specify the days on which expenses cannot be claimed by employees.

Head over to Settings > Organization > Holidays to specify the holidays applicable for your organization. The holidays can be configured for different locations as well.

To Add a Holiday

To Add a Holiday

  • Login to your Fyle account.

  • Click on Settings

  • Navigate to Organisation, Click on Holiday tab

  • Click on the "Add Holiday" button

How to add holidays in the company settings page
  • Enter the Holiday Name, Location, Date

  • Click Save.

Add Holiday


  • Location - We can also choose the preferred location by selecting the Specific location tab where you want the Holidays to be in effect.

  • Date - You can also select Date Range (select the start and end date) or specify a single date in this section.

Design policy on holidays

Using policies you can either restrict/flag or mark violations when expenses are claimed on a holiday. To set-up a policy around this:

  • Go to Settings

  • Navigate to Expenses>Policies

  • Click on + New Policy

  • Enter the Description

Policy description
  • Select Expenses spent on weekend/holiday cannot be claimed under Policy Conditions

policy conditions

Select the required actions when the policy is violated, ie.

  • Flagging the expense

  • Show popup on violation

  • Critical policy violation(wherein users will not be able to save the expense), or

  • Add additional approver

  • After selecting all the required conditions, click on Save

policy actions on Fyle
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