With the latest feature release, you do not have to keep re-selecting the same export configuration such as Export type, Report-share details, Export columns & Advanced settings for similar exports. The same export configuration selected in the previous export will be auto-selected in the next export.

This will reduce the repetitive work of you selecting the lengthy process of export configuration every time you want to export data. The system will auto-select the configuration based on the previous export, however, you can always change the configuration and export data according to your preferences.

Let's suppose, you want to export the details of the Date of spend, Amount, and Receipt of all the expenses you have created in Excel format. You would follow the process as mentioned:

  • Navigate to the Expenses page and then on to the All tab

  • Select all the expenses

  • Click on the Export button

  • Select the Export type as Excel, and click on Next

  • Now, select the Date of Spend, Amount, and Receipt checkboxes and unselect all other checkboxes.

  • Click on the Export button

The next time you are trying to export this data, your configuration will be autoselected by the system based on the previous configuration. The Export type will be selected as Excel, the columns Date of Spend, Amount, and Receipt will also be selected by the system.

Limitations to this feature:

  • The Export configuration cache is specific to the web browser

This means that the export configuration is only auto-selected as long as you are using Fyle on the same web browser

  • The Export configuration cache gets cleared once you log out of Fyle

Once you log out of Fyle on your web browser, the previous data is cleared and the system will not auto-select your export configuration the next time you try to export data.

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