1. Can I integrate with QuickBooks Desktop?

Fyle offers native integration with QuickBooks Online. If you are a QuickBooks Desktop user, we could suggest exporting the expense report in a CSV format and importing it into QuickBooks Desktop. You could configure your GL codes, Projects, Cost-Center, and Departments with employee details on Fyle, and the CSV export will reflect this data.

2. What expenses can be exported from Fyle to QuickBooks online?

All the reimbursable expenses marked by the user as 'Paid by Me' during the expense journey can be imported into QuickBooks Online. Additionally, all the non-reimbursable expenses marked as 'Paid by Corporate Credit Card' can be exported into QuickBooks Online. Currently, expenses marked as 'Paid by the Company' can not be exported into QuickBooks Online via integrations. However, such expenses can be exported as CSV from Fyle. Kindly note that the formatting and the import of this CSV data in QuickBooks Online are to be handled by the Admin.

3. I don't have Employees created in QuickBooks Online, how can I complete the Employee mapping in configurations?

To successfully export the expenses to QuickBooks Online, the Fyle integration would need a Vendor or Employee to be created/mapped. If employees are not available in your QuickBooks Online, you can map the employees in Fyle to Vendors in QuickBooks Online in the configuration and for any new employee expenses, Vendors can be auto-created in QuickBooks Online while exporting.

4. All our expenses are Corporate card expenses, can I skip setting up mapping for the reimbursable expense within the configuration of the integration?

Currently, the integration app is designed in a way where reimbursable expense mapping is mandatory to complete the setup. In a case where there would not be any reimbursable expenses in your Fyle account, you can simply map the Employee and Reimbursable expenses in the configurations page of integration to any corresponding value in QuickBooks that you would prefer in order to complete the setup and no data would be exported.

  • If you choose to map Employees in Fyle as Vendors in QuickBooks Online, then enable the option to auto-create Vendors as shown below.

  • If Employees in Fyle are mapped to Employees in QuickBooks Online then we recommend doing a sample employee mapping. Here is a video to guide you on this setup.

5. Can Employees be auto-created in QuickBooks Online instead of Vendors?

Currently, only auto-creation of Vendors is feasible from the integration.

6. Can I import Expense accounts and Projects from Quickbooks?

Yes, Fyle-QuickBooks Online integration allows Admins to set up an auto-import of Expense accounts, and Projects from QuickBooks to Fyle. You can enable this under Configurations > General > Import projects, Import expense account as shown in the image below.

Any new Projects added in QuickBooks Online gets synced in Fyle in 6 hours and any new Expense Account created in QuickBooks Online gets updated in Fyle automatically in 24 hours.

7. Can I import all charts of accounts from QuickBooks online?

Currently, the integration natively supports importing Expense Accounts type from Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks to Fyle. However, if you wish to import other account types such as Assets, Liabilities, Cost of Goods Sold, kindly reach out to [email protected] and we can enable this for you.

8. Can subcategories be imported from QuickBooks Online to Fyle?

Yes, once you have toggled the option to Import expense accounts from QuickBooks Online to Fyle on the configurations page, any sub-categories available for the expense accounts would be automatically imported as two separate categories in Fyle. For example, if Meals & Entertainment is the expense account in QuickBooks and there are two sub-categories to this such as Business and Team outing then these will be imported as two separate categories viz.,

Meals & Entertainment: Business and Meals & Entertainment: Team outing in Fyle.

9. Can I sync ACH payments from Fyle to QuickBooks Online?

Yes, this is possible when you have mapped Employees from Fyle to Vendors in QuickBooks Online and configured import Reimbursable Expenses as Bills in the integration.

10. Why don't I see an option to select Default Credit card account in General Mapping?

This could be because of two reasons:

a) You have not selected mapping for corporate credit card expenses under Configurations

b) Your QuickBooks account linked to Fyle might not have any credit card accounts. Kindly check this at the QuickBooks end.

11. Can I skip choosing a default credit card account under General mapping?

Yes, this is an optional setting. If you don't want to export corporate credit card expenses, you can skip selecting a value for Map Corporate Credit Card Expenses under Configurations > General. This automatically removes the option to choose the default credit card account under General Mapping.

12. As an organization, we use multiple corporate credit card account, how do I map them in the Fyle integration?

Currently, only one default credit card account can be selected under General Mappings in integrations. We recommend selecting the most commonly used Credit Card Account here.

For mapping the other credit card account, the solution would be to sync Fyle employees with their specific credit card account under Employee Mapping > Create Employee Mapping as shown in the image below. Reach out to [email protected] in case you need assistance with Employee-Credit Card mapping.

13. Can I assign multiple credit card accounts to an employee?

Currently, one employee can be mapped to only one credit card account.

14. Refunds credited to my Corporate Card are not exported to QuickBooks?

Currently, refunds to the corporate cards can be created as expenses in Fyle, however, these expenses are not picked up by the integration for export into accounting systems. Alternatively, you could export these expenses as CSV from Fyle and import them to the accounting system.

15. Does the Fyle-QuickBooks Online Integration auto-sync Chart of acconts based on their status?
Yes, Fyle auto-syncs the status of Chart of Accounts from QuickBooks to Fyle. That is, Fyle will automatically disable an account or a project in Fyle when it is disabled on QuickBooks and (Re)enable an account or project in Fyle when it is (re)enabled on QuickBooks. Thus disabled accounts/projects will not show up in the expense form.

However, if you'd like to restrict the list of accounts/categories for your employees - you can disable them in Fyle while they're still enabled in QuickBooks.

16. Can I restrict the list of Projects accessible to my employees on Fyle?

Yes, Fyle imports all the active projects and disables the inactive projects in Fyle based on the status in QuickBooks Online. If you don't want your employees to have access to all the active Projects, you can restrict the list to your employees by disabling the values that are not required to be listed in the expense form.

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