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Fyle Integration with Microsoft Teams
Fyle Integration with Microsoft Teams

Learn how to enable and use Fyle from within MS Teams

Written by Pradyumna Dinni
Updated over a week ago

How to install the Fyle app in Microsoft Teams?

You can go here to install it or follow the following steps to install it within the App.

  1. In Microsoft Teams app, click on the 3 dots option (as shown below) to search for apps.

  2. Search for 'Fyle' and select it.

  3. Click on 'Add'.

  4. In the Fyle chat box, type 'Link Fyle Account' and press enter.

  5. Log into Fyle and select the Organization you want to add to Microsoft Teams and click 'Allow'.

  6. You've successfully linked your Fyle account with Microsoft Teams now!

How will the Fyle app on Microsoft Teams help you?

Spenders will get notified:

  1. When an expense report is approved.

  2. When an expense report is sent back.

  3. When a comment is made on an expense or its report.

  4. When your expense report payments starts processing.

  5. And, of course, when you've received your reimbursement or the payment is processed!

Approvers get real-time notifications when an employee submits an expense report, and they can approve the report from Teams itself!

Message after approving:

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